Winter Whiteout - sold

Colonial Williamsburg : Oil on Canvas 

16x12" $400

A boy and his dog: Oil on Canvas

14x11" $300

Spring at Indian Meadow   sold


Bull Pond from Lorie's garden : sold

Fall at Indian Meadow     sold

Outer Banks: oil on Masonite

20x18" $400

Daffodil Park: Oil on Canvas 20xx19" $250

Study of Andrew Wyeth's "Evening at Kuerners" Oil on Canvas 20x30" $800

Thatched Cottage: Oil on Masonite 24x20" 


     Jug with Marsh Grasses : 24x56"

     Oil on canvas  $800

          Wood Stork: Oil on Masonite

           14x10"  $300

Thai Boats: Oil on canvas: 30x40" $1200

         Path to Dory's Cove: Oil on Masonite

         12x9"  $250

Private Property: Oil on Masonte  12x9" $250

Spring Brook  Sold

January Whiteout     Sold

Colonial Williamsbury: Oil on Canvas 16x12


Gourds: Oil on Canvas 10x8" $250

St Ives : 21x9" 

Oil on Masonite 21x9" $300

Everglades with Anhingaa Aligator and egrets

18x6: oil on Masonite  $250

Everglades with Egret and aligators 18x6" Oil on Masonite $250


Oil on Canvas 10x8" $250

Bocas del Toro

: Oil on canvas 20x16" $300

Connecticut Flower Show : 

Oil on Canvas 24x56" $600

Topsmead Doorway with Jug: Oil on Canvas

12x16.5  $300

St Neots Canal : Oil on Masonite 16x12 $300

Study of Wyeth's "Ground Hog Day" Oil on Canvas 24x30" $800

Stairs: Oil on Canvas 19x14.5" $300

Topsmeade doorway with vines:10.5x12" 

Oil on Canvas $250

Rood's Pasture: Oil on Canvas 20x16" $300

Marathon Key Oil on Mmasonite 20x16" $300

Positano:Oil on Masonite 29x17" $300

Maple Sugar Shack :Oil on Canvas 12x9" $250

Palenque: Oil on Canvas 14x18" $300

Austrian Alps: Oil on Canvas 12x16 $400

Block Island Summer Home: Oil on Canvas 


study of Vermeer's "The Little Street" : Oil on Masonite 17x21" $1400 (includes frame)

Study of Pizzarro's "The Heritage at Pointoise"

Oil on Masonite 29x24 $600

Pine Hill Farm      Sold

Topsead with Ladder and Vines: Oil on Canvas 11x14 $250

Portrait in Pencil   NFS

Topsmead: Oil on Canvas 42x26" $1200

Dad's Old Scout" Oil on Canvas 14x10.5 $300

Vermont Barnyard: Oil on Canvas 18x12 $300

Fisheran's shack: Oil on Masonite 20x13 $600

Highland Cattle: Oil on Masonite 18x13.5 $600

Fishing Village: Oil on Masonite 20x16" $400

Highland Sheep: Oil on Masonite 16x12 $400

Glaciar Espress to Zermatt:Oil on Canvas 20x16" $600

Farm in East Morris      Sold

Key West Sunset: Oil on Masonite 14x12" $250

Red Barn  Sold

Gray Barn in Winter : Oil on Canvas 14x11" $300

Old Bridge, Huntingdon: Oil on Masonite 29x19" $800

Gray Barn:  Oil on Canvas 20x14 $400

New Harbor: Oil on Masonite 16x12" $400

Looking out to Cornfield Point: Oil on Canvas

20x16 $300

On the Litchfifeld Green: Oil on Canvas 20x16" $500

Lake Champlain: Oil on Masonite 20x16 $400

Heiligenblut, Austria: Oil on Canvas 18x24


Winter Window: Oil on Masonite 12x15 $400

Hidden Brook      Sold

Fisherman's Shack, Truro - Oil on canvas

16x24"  $600

Red Barn in winter  Oil on Masonite 24x12"  $350

Most of the paintings are framed. The price of the frame is extra and depends on the type of frame

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